Student health and safety is East Feliciana Public Schools' number one priority. Please notify your child's school of any food allergies so that Child Nutrition Program staff can ensure that your child is safe from any foods they serve that may cause an adverse reaction. Also, review with your child what he or she is allergic to, and which foods are ok to eat, and which aren't. Remind your child to never accept food from anyone else in the class and never to eat something if he or she doesn't know if it is safe. This may mean eating only foods you packed from home, or you have approved. Continue to remind your child to wash their hands before and after eating and after playing outside. Review signs of an allergic reaction to watch for, such as rash, face swelling, trouble breathing, wheezing, and vomiting. Make sure your child knows to tell someone right away when not feeling well.

Learn how East Feliciana Public Schools are addressing student food allergies.

Click  here to access the Dietary Preference form for Meal Modification.  When complete, return to your child's school.