Section 504

Section 504 prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Section 504 ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to an education. Under Section 504 students may receive accommodations in a general education setting, through what is known as a Section 504 Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP).

Educational services are available for students with identified disabilities (special education and section 504 students).  To receive special education or 504 services, the student is referred to the SBLC.  Following gathering of information and interventions, the student may qualify for section 504 accommodations and modifications under an Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP).  Following a multidisciplinary evaluation process conducted by Pupil Appraisal, a student may qualify for special education services, including accommodations and modifications, under an Individual Education Program (IEP).  Special Education staff includes an IEP Facilitator, and Elementary and Secondary Instructional Specialists.  Staff provides ongoing consultation and support in order to improve the quality of the educational experience for our students.