AEPSi, Exceptional Student Services,

Special Education Reporting System (SER)

& SER Individualized Education Program [IEP Forms]

East Feliciana Parish School Board (EFPSB) employees are in daily contact with confidential and privileged information concerning students and employees of this school system. It is imperative that such information be safeguarded from unauthorized use, either through casual gossip or release to unauthorized people. Violation of this trust is serious and will be cause for dismissal. Any outside agency or person requesting information is required to complete the Request for Duplicate Records form that can be obtained on the EFPSB Exceptional Student Services website or they can request student records from the student's last school

Current employees within the school system are permitted to request information that is necessary within the scope of their job and use applications with student information as it relates to their job. Certain confidential information and the use of applications with confidential information can only be released to those within the school system who have the authority to view and use that information. You must exercise judgment in releasing information, even within the school system, especially confidential information. When in doubt, ask your Principal or send the request to ESS Department. The student's records must be kept in a locked cabinet at all times, You can and will be held accountable for any information that you release. As stated above, a breach in confidentiality can result in dismissal.


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