Board Members

A man in a dark suit jacket and a blue tie.

Mr. Richard W. Terrell, Board President, District 6 Division 2

A man in a light blue button down shirt and a beard.

Mr. Mitchell Harrell, Board Vice President, District 3 Division 1

A man in a plaid jacket and a plaid shirt.

Mr. Rufus Nesbitt, District 1

Ms. Peidera Sims-Matthews, District 2, Division 1

A woman in a dark jacket wearing pearls.

Mrs. Patricia C. King, District 2 Division 2

A man in a tan sweater and collared shirt.

Mr. J.D. Dantzler, Jr., District 3 Division 2

A woman in a white jacket and burgundy collared shirt

Mrs. Lillian G. Drake, District 3 Division 3

Ms. Melissa Davis, District 4

Mr. Clayton "Cisco" Elkins, District 5

A woman with glasses in a dark blouse and wearing a necklace

Mrs. Joyce A. Kent, District 6 Division 1

A man with a beard, dark suit jacket, and yellow shirt and tie.

Mr. Michael Ray Bradford, District 6 Division 3

A man in a dark suit jacket and blue shirt.

Mr. Paul Kent, District 7

EAST FELICIANA PARISH SCHOOL BOARD KEISHA L. NETTERVILLE Superintendent    RICHARD TERRELL President 225-683-8277 - 225-683-5420 225-683-5378   MITCHELL HARRELL Vice President  FAX 225-683-3320      ROSTER OF EAST FELICIANA PARISH SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS AND SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Effective July 1. 2022 Mr. Richard W. Terrell-President 14981 Hwy. 67 Clinton, LA 70722 (225) 683-3853 Mr. Mitchell Harrell- Vice-President 5888 Highwa; 68 Jackson, LA  0748 (225) 634-5340 (home) mharrelJ(  Mr. Paul Kent 6988 Mack Lane Clinton, LA 70722 (225) 683-8785ihome) pkent@efschoo	Mr. Michael Rai Bradford Post Office Box 803 Clinton, LA 70722 22 683-5038 home) 22	683-9416 work) mbradford(  Mr. Melvin L. Hollins, Ed.D. 2298 Dawson Road Jackson, LA 70748 (225) 634-5203 (home) mho lins( Mrs. Joyce A. Kent 	12386 Kent Road 	Norwood, LA 70761 	225-683-9373(home) 	ikent(tz) Mrs• .Patricia C  King	Mr. Derald Spears 7053RichardsonLoop	9717 Battle Road Jackson, LA 70748	Ethel, LA 70730 (225)244-0239	(225) 921-7768 pkint:/al,	dspears(  Mr. Rufus Nesbitt 6698 Hff'l', 952 Jackson, LA 70748 (225t 629-4063 (home) roes itt( Mr. J.D. Dantzler 	Post Office Box 1088 	Jackson, LA 70748 	(225) 681-0307 	jddantzler(  Mrs. Lillian G. Drake 4597 Highwa; 10 Jackson,La.  0748 (225)719-7761 ldrake( District 4 Vacant Keisha L. Netterville Suferintendent of Schools 12 32 Silliman Street Post Office Box 397 Clinton, LA 70722 ?25-683-8277 office) 225)683-3320 fax) knetterville(a),e	    Revised 07/05/2022 An Equal Opportunity Employer Equal Educational Opportunities  12732 SILLIMAN STREET P.O. BOX397 CLINTON, WUISIANA 70722